When you meet someone called famous…

I was recently in the cool city of New Orleans playing for the Lutheran National Youth Gathering with 32,000 students from around the U.S. It was a fun couple of days to see lots of friends, and I was greatly encouraged by a lot of folk who have been a part of our concerts, worship experiences over the years. Really like a family get together.

Upon returning to my hotel on one days, I noticed a person getting out of car at the front door. As I looked again, this person saw me looking at her to where I felt I should say something so I said, “Is that you?”


She replied, “Yes, it’s me.”

Nice comeback.

As I got into my elevator, she joined me (with her huge bodyguard who had legs for arms). We continued some light banter to which I asked, “I know it’s cliché but I could I get a picture with you?” She very graciously she would love to and we stepped out of the elevator took this pic and she got back into her elevator and I never saw her again.  This is who I met…

I thought it was kinda fun to meet one of the recognizable faces in the world. She was really kind and genuine.

I thought I should Tweet this for fun. When I did, I was told how lucky I was, fortunate to meet someone like that, people said they would give a limb to meet her, and I was asked for details about how it happened. I really thought to meet Oprah was neat but I don’t know that much about her.

The thing is I’m not really any different than I was before I met her (other than I had something neat to Tweet about).

It made me think about how does meeting someone who important to us make us different? Some people can seem inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and even life-changing when you meet them. The truth is though does meeting the person make you different? Can anyone tell you really met the person?

So it may sound like a simple comparison but really we need to ask the question.

Can any tell a difference after you met Jesus?
Did you ask the question “Is it you?” and then hear Him say, “Yes, it’s really me”?
Did you have the urge to tell someone?
Did you Tweet about it?

Meeting Jesus makes me want to write songs, to teach about Him, to encourage students and families, to pray with people, and even to Tweet it, Facebook it,etc.

It was fun to meet Oprah just because of all the interesting discussions afterward, not because my life became different. That’s not the case when you meet Jesus. Life is different afterwards.

What famous people have you gotten to meet?
Did you take a photo?
What did you say?

I’d love to hear that you said something as smooth as I did.

God is good all the time!


5 thoughts on “When you meet someone called famous…

  1. Peter-I met you twice at SOTH in Pewaukee, WI. I think that meeting Oprah would be cool,but only if I got to chat with her and learn her heart. I met you ,after an incredible worship/praise service.I cried and told you how much you touched my heart and I felt Jesus present in that hour. I was changed that day,because I met you. Makes me wonder if Oprah stopped to ask who YOU were and perhaps her life would be changed for the better?:) Thanks for your songs and your heart each and every day!

  2. I felt I was meeting someone famous when I met you for the first time. LYON assembly in Grand Island when Right Here, Right Now was the theme and your latest CD!!!

  3. I once met Barry Manilow, after singing on stage with him with my college choir. Yes, it was exciting, awesome, wonderful, and great to brag about for years. But NOTHING like the experience of meeting Jesus in the daily walk of life through scripture, prayer, worship, service with and for others, and in the faces of the people God places in our lives. Jesus changes us! Thanks for the post!

  4. I’ve met lots of famous people – Kirk Douglas, Pope John Paul II, Tom Selleck, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Laura Bush, John Travolta, Troy Aikman, Jerry Jones, and other names that aren’t SO famous. What I Felt – they are just like me. Each was humble and rather more aware of the delicate balance they walk because they could fall at any time. It amazes me that God shares his Love through us Laterally. We are all his children. I met Kirk Douglas in Paris after the Cesars (French Oscars) and he said, “So glad to meet you, I haven’t understood anything all night.” I guess famous is a relative thing.

  5. Wow! This blog really toched me! So true! And I sometimes feel so… well stupid that I dont go out and shout to the world that I have meet Jesus! But of course, when I think about it I do, when I have had a real meeting with Him, when I have understood something in the Bible or something else. But oh, way to rarely I feel. I really really want to know more of God, maybe get a twitter account and start tweeting!!!

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