The Rooster Returns!

I was out golfing…yes I know, tough life but I am willing to do it. As a couple of my friends and I were walking down the 18th fairway at a more rural golf course, we heard the sound of a rooster crowing like it was the morning. One of my buddies said out loud, “I wonder what the Apostle Peter thought of when he heard that sound?”

You know the story. Jesus predicts that Peter will deny Jesus three times and when he does a rooster will crow. Peter in all his confidence says “No way, Lord, I would never do that!”  Of course Jesus knew it, Peter did it, and the rooster crowed. Then in the Gospel of John, chapter 21 we read where Jesus reinstates Peter after His resurrection asking him three times if he loved Him. Peter says yes three times, and Jesus, without hesitation, says, “then feed My sheep.”

What did Peter think of when he heard the rooster crow in the years after that?

You know he heard it. The rooster never goes permanently silent.

Rooster returns

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Did he remember his screw up, is failure, his absolute falling on his face when his Lord needed him?

I think only for a second. Reflecting on the words Peter would write and the life he lived, I tend to believe his thoughts would go to John 21 where Jesus restored him, remembering how far God has brought him. Peter was commissioned to feed the sheep. He did not wallow in the guilt, he lived a “Jesus freak” type life of a man who was restored. That’s what Jesus died for.

What about you?

When you experience a memory through a smell, song, picture, location, calendar date, tradition, etc. that brings back a hard time, mistake, failure, painful moment, what do you remember?

I ask myself as much as you because I am convinced that God does not want you and me to have a huge pit in our stomach forever and degrade ourselves or feel sorry for ourselves. That can take our eyes off the cross, the prize, and we will miss so many divine moments.

Jesus died for all of the “As Is” moments we have.


What if you focused on how far God has brought you? Look where you were and now where you are. God is good. Really.

The next time you here the rooster crow in your own life, remember, amidst the scars, God never left you where you were. He has showed Himself to you time and time again and has reinstated you through the cross.

Feed His sheep.

Love you all,


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