Appreciating the Unappreciated

I recently played at a band shell in Westby, WI. So fun and such great people! Great night of family worship.

After the concert, I met some friends from a while back at a Youth District Conference the band and I played for at the KI Center in Green Bay. So fun to connect and learn about how God had used those events to shape them.

I asked one of the guys what he does for a living now and he said he worked for a food company called Organic Valley where they package organic cheese. I got totally excited because we love that cheese. It’s the best ever. Then to learn he is the guy who actually packages it.

I couldn’t help but tell him thank you.

Sounds a bit over done but honestly because he does what he does  my family get great cheese. His job is not glamorous but his piece of the process still matters and means something.

I Got Some Organic Cheese! They had some with them!

I Got Some Organic Valley Cheese! They had some with them!

There are so many men and women who do things that are not seen and yet their piece of the puzzle and system is so needed. I think about those amazing people who clean bathrooms at airports. Wow!

How about those great garbage people who take away your trash? Yes I know we pay for the service but still, not an easy gig day after day.

I’m grateful for those people who inspect the eggs at an egg packaging plant so that my eggs don’t arrive broken or with little chicks in them.

That’s just a few…Can you do this?

Tell them thank you when you see them. Pause on your journey, walk over to that person and tell them thanks for what they do, even if it’s their job!

Why? Cause we need them to do what they are doing.

What are some people you know like this?

Share your thoughts.

God is good all the time!


The Star Still Shines

I love what I get to do. Not only do I get to help people love Jesus, I get to see His love in His children.

On Christmas Tour I got to spend time with a family of three brothers and a sister after one of the concerts.

The sister cherishes the time she gets to spend with her friends and has a great passion to help others. The brothers love to talk sports which, of course, I don’t mind at all.

Even though we cheer for different teams, we found common ground in our favorite players. It was fun to hear them share their wealth of knowledge of both basketball and football. I was even more impressed with how these three brothers took turns sharing their thoughts and stories, never trying correct each other or outdo each others comments.

For almost an hour, the four of us sat around the table sharing why we liked or didn’t appreciate certain players and teams. While the boys didn’t always agree, they respectfully listened to one another and each one got a fair chance to share his opinion.

photo credit

photo credit: CliffMuller via photopin cc

Throughout Advent we’ve been talking about light. Both literal light like on my farm and while I’m running and also figurative light like the light of traditions.

Those boys shine a different kind of light. They shine the light of Christ.

When the baby Jesus was born, the star over the manger could be seen all around. It’s how the magi found the Christ child. They saw the star, were drawn to it, and followed it until they found Jesus.

Light still points people to Jesus. Except now it shines in us.

Jesus said, “I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life” (John 8:12).

If we’re walking in Him, then His light shines in each one of us in the way we live our lives, the choices we make, and the words we use.

It shines in the way we treat each other. From the convenience store clerk to the people living in our house.

His light is His presence.  If you are a follower of Christ, carrying His light is bringing His presence.

Chances are this Christmas you’re going to spend some time with your family. Maybe your family gets along great. Maybe you’re like my family and sometimes there’s some tension.

Sometimes shining the light of Christ isn’t the easy option. But it’s the right choice. The good choice. It’s what family does.

No matter which sports team you’re rooting for, root for one another.

Merry Christmas, my friends,