Saying Goodbye Without Letting Go

Kinda of a deep title that might make you think this about a relationship, passing of a loved one, or a season of life.

Nope. It’s about a TV.

This week, I said goodbye to this television.


It still works. It’s not HD obviously. It has no inputs other than a cable input. That’s it. It’s a big screen, the color is a bit untrue, and I think I was on my 5th remote. Yes it did have a remote. So what’s the big deal?

It’s the first TV I ever personally owned. When I got my first apartment living on my own, my dad took me to get me gift to celebrate my first job and apartment. It was this tv.

I’ve hung on to this thing and up until a few years ago was still using it in some regards. I hate throwing things away. It’s not because of the item itself. It’s because of what it represents and all the memories that go with it.

With this TV, my dad is no longer with us and I get worried I’ll forget about that small moment with him. I can still hear his voice with his favorite line that said, “If we have to spend a little extra to get what you want, then let’s spend it.” I don’t want to forget that stuff.

The truth is I won’t. How do I know that? I just told you what I remembered. I won’t always think about it but in God’s beautiful creation of the brain it’s in there somewhere. And when I see any old TV or my kids suggest we get a widescreen HD as big as the side of the house, I get to tell them again about my amazing first TV. Kids love to hear the phrase, “When I was a kid…”

It was and still is a great first TV 🙂

Do you have something you’re afraid of parting with because of sentimental value? Tell me about it in the comments.

God is good all the time.


Little House On The Prairie

I saw a clip of “Little House on the Prairie” the other day. Yes, there might have been some heart grabbing moments and memories of watching the show when I was a kid. (FYI, not many guys are willing to say they watched this show…but I am that guy!)

This show is set in the settling of family in Walnut Grove, Minnesota, and often shows us a picture of simple farm life. No TVs, no electricity, no email, no iPhones, etc. You get it.

It got me thinking about how often we stay up late trying to find something to watch or play. How often are we looking for the next text, email, news item totally missing what’s happening in front of us?

photo credit

photo credit: TheSeafarer via photopin cc

When the message comes, we feel we’d better respond right away or else the person will think we’re mad, dead, or worse yet, they might find someone else to take our place in getting their attention!


This isn’t new information for most of us.

But when’s the last time you sat down to really think about it?

In “Little House on the Prairie,” they went to bed pretty much when the sun went down. They were not exactly searching DirecTV for a movie to watch until midnight or Facebooking until all hours of the morning.

They were sleeping. They were giving the body the rest it needed.

They got up about the time the sun came up and started over. They went to things around the time they were supposed to happen. If they mailed a letter to someone, they would look forward to the reply knowing it would come when it would come.

Much less stress and a lot more patience. Life was about people, family, really hard work, community, and patience.

I wonder if I would be willing to trade the speed of life today for then.

I love technology. I really do. I definitely don’t want to go back to polio, malaria, yellow fever, etc. icky…

But I think back then the food would have been better. (Sorry Taco Johns fans). I think relationships could be deeper sometimes. Winters would be harder (though I give this year’s an A+ for effort). Ministry would look different…

I’m just thinking out loud, friends.

My questions: is how much less stress would the body feel? Less rushing? Less need to spin so many plates?

What do you think? Do you have any insight? Do you think you could live in that kind of a world?

I welcome your words.

God is good all the time