Inseide the Songs

A few nights ago I sat in the kitchen with my oldest son Taylor talking about the music industry. He said “Dad, you been doing this full-time for over 16 years.” We talked about how many CDs we’ve made and especially all the songs we have written. It was a cool conversation. It also gave me an idea…

So many times I have been asked, as most songwriters are: When you write songs, does the music come first or the words?, How do you come up with the lyrics?, Who is your inspiration?, How do you know when a songs is good?, etc.

I’ve decided to answer some of those questions (and more) here on my blog. For the weeks ahead, I’ll blog about songs I have written and what was the process in writing them.

The amazing studio players on the Rescue Project

What songs have you always wanted to know about how and why we wrote them? 

Songs from Rescue, Taste and See, Perfect Surprise, and even older albums are all fair game.

I might answer you via a written blog or maybe a vlog. We will give out free ringtones and even some free full song downloads.

Pick any song you would like to know about, leave a request in the comments section, and I will bring a little behind the curtain thought as we go “inseide” the songs.

I look forward to hearing which songs you’ve always been curious about.

Grace and peace,