The Gift of Your Membership

This week I’m in Augusta, GA, coming to you from one of the greatest golf courses in the world.

Well… sort of coming to you from there.

I’m not exactly a member so I just had a take a quick video because I was afraid I’d get kicked out.

Here’s the whole story:

(Here’s the YouTube link just in case)

For me, driving around the green hoping for a peak inside had to be good enough.

But that’s not the case with Jesus.

You never have to settle for good enough when you’re with Jesus.

He’s a member so you get to be a member. What a privilege that is!

Hear Him say “Come, see all the things I have for you.”

So much more than just good enough.

Have you ever gotten to “authorized personnel only” access to someplace special? How’d it feel?

I’d love to hear your story. Tell me in the comments or on Facebook.

God is good,


Advent #2: The People Who Shape Us

I’m back with another vlog for our second week of Advent.

It’s been really warm this December here in Minnesota (like in the 40s), so it’s got me thinking about summer. And golf.

This past summer my favorite golfer, Zach Johnson, won the British Open, and he said something that really stuck with me.

Here’s the full story:

(Technical difficulties? Watch on YouTube)

I too am the product of really great people.

It’s a beautiful gift to get to thank them, appreciate them, and let them know the impact they’ve made on my life.

What about you?

Who are the people who have shaped you?

The coaches, the teachers, the friends, the mentors, the children, the list is endless.

There’s no better time than now to reflect and reach out to those people. Let them know they’re appreciated.

Send them a text, give them a call, mail them a card.

Thank them.

They might need to hear it.

Who are you the product of? Take some time to thank those influencers today.

Let me know how it goes in the comments.

Hope to see you on the This Christmas Tour!



Golf and The Church

I love the game of golf!

No secret to many of you.

I love the challenge of getting better, the competition, and the stories shared among friends.

No two rounds of golf turn out the same, and I especially love getting to play courses around the country I’ve never played before or are famous.

Unfortunately, I don’t play as much as I used to. A lot of circumstances play into why but I definitely appreciate every chance to play now more than ever.

It’s a game that tests the emotions, problem solving skills, coordination, and truly can expose your character good or bad. 🙂

It’s a fun moment when you make a long putt or hit a long shot that felt so right when you swung the club and lands close to the hole. It’s a game I hopefully can play a long time from now.

The worst thing I can do when it comes to golf is compare myself with other golfers.

Sounds kinda like a cute, simple thought but listen closely.

If I compared myself to other golfers, I would have quit a long time ago.

My brother Tom is a really good player. He beats me every time. I play with Tom more than I play with anyone else, and I’ve only tied him once.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to beat him some day. Beat him bad. I love him and he is my brother but oh I want to take him one time.

Tom and I golfing in Arizona

Tom and I golfing in Arizona

If I would have looked at his game then looked at mine and said I’m not good enough, I would have quit a long time ago.

Quitting would have saved me from a bunch of heartache, greens fees, golf balls, and emotional trauma.

But I also would have missed out on so many laughs. I would have missed out on being surprised in Florida by him and two other friends for a birthday golf outing. I would have missed out on so many good talks we have had about family, career, and life.

There are too many stories we tell from being out on the course that we did together that could never be told because they never happened.

I would have missed those things! All because I compared myself to someone else.

To the Christian Church, I make this appeal: please don’t compare your self to other churches.

Don’t measure your worth on how good you are based on how other churches are growing or their technology or what ever.

If you do that, you’re missing what’s going on in YOUR church.

God is doing things in your church that are not being done anywhere else!

Are you aware of that? Are you seeing them?

The Rooster Returns!

I was out golfing…yes I know, tough life but I am willing to do it. As a couple of my friends and I were walking down the 18th fairway at a more rural golf course, we heard the sound of a rooster crowing like it was the morning. One of my buddies said out loud, “I wonder what the Apostle Peter thought of when he heard that sound?”

You know the story. Jesus predicts that Peter will deny Jesus three times and when he does a rooster will crow. Peter in all his confidence says “No way, Lord, I would never do that!”  Of course Jesus knew it, Peter did it, and the rooster crowed. Then in the Gospel of John, chapter 21 we read where Jesus reinstates Peter after His resurrection asking him three times if he loved Him. Peter says yes three times, and Jesus, without hesitation, says, “then feed My sheep.”

What did Peter think of when he heard the rooster crow in the years after that?

You know he heard it. The rooster never goes permanently silent.

Rooster returns

photo credit: tinachensf via photopin cc

Did he remember his screw up, is failure, his absolute falling on his face when his Lord needed him?

I think only for a second. Reflecting on the words Peter would write and the life he lived, I tend to believe his thoughts would go to John 21 where Jesus restored him, remembering how far God has brought him. Peter was commissioned to feed the sheep. He did not wallow in the guilt, he lived a “Jesus freak” type life of a man who was restored. That’s what Jesus died for.

What about you?

When you experience a memory through a smell, song, picture, location, calendar date, tradition, etc. that brings back a hard time, mistake, failure, painful moment, what do you remember?

I ask myself as much as you because I am convinced that God does not want you and me to have a huge pit in our stomach forever and degrade ourselves or feel sorry for ourselves. That can take our eyes off the cross, the prize, and we will miss so many divine moments.

Jesus died for all of the “As Is” moments we have.


What if you focused on how far God has brought you? Look where you were and now where you are. God is good. Really.

The next time you here the rooster crow in your own life, remember, amidst the scars, God never left you where you were. He has showed Himself to you time and time again and has reinstated you through the cross.

Feed His sheep.

Love you all,