What Does Church Look Like?

I have traveled a lot of miles. By plane, by highway, by both. I’m afraid to add them up. In those travels I have gotten to see and still see a lot of different churches and a lot of different worship services. I’ve seen pretty much every style, format, and size. You name it, I think I’ve been able to be a part of it. It’s actually a real honor and it has shaped me in amazing ways, and even more so it has influenced how I write music and lead worship. Something is simmering in my mind and I want your opinion:

Scripturally-speaking, what is church supposed to look like? What is the picture? Who is there? What are the main things you notice in a service or maybe a building?

The book of Acts comes to mind for me as well as the conversations the Apostle Paul had with the different churches. What about for you?

All of this questioning comes from an experience I just had as a presenter at an amazing conference called D6. D6 draws from Deuteronomy 6 and focuses on children and family worship. I learned a lot and hopefully offered something good. It has pushed my mind and heart to take an important look at church focus.

I’m not trying to fix anything; I’m hoping for some good conversations.¬†Church is God’s idea and I want to understand it more, not just go along with it or make any assumptions.

So, let’s talk it out. Would you leave me your thoughts about what church looks like in comments section of this blog?

I hope to hear from you. Thanks for the time to talk.

Blessings and (as always) God is good all the time!


P.S. If you are looking for an amazing resource for family worship and family formation, please check out my friend Rob Rienow and his ministry Visionary Family. Awesome stuff for marriage and family!