Goodbye Microwave

My daughter Makenzie is a great helper. She loves projects. Cleanup, reorganizing, creating with paint, crayons, you name it. She loves to try to do it herself. She also loves to help make meals and does an amazing job of making her own lunches and even has made meals for the whole family.  She is a very independent, amazing young lady.

The other day Kenzie decided to make some Ramen Noodles for lunch. To make it quickly she uses the a microwave safe bowl in the microwave. She has done it a hundred times before. (Ok, maybe not a hundred. That’s a lot of Ramen. But you get the idea).

Sometime things can happen.

Apparently in her moment of doing too many things at the same time, she forgot a few details:
1. the water for the noodles
2. 5 minutes only needs two zeros rather than three

Somewhere between 5 minutes and 50 minutes later, billowing smoke and the smell of melting microwave safe dish came from our microwave.

Makenzie felt awful. It was an accident and not typical of her whatsoever.

The microwave is finished…so was the Ramen. The bottom of the dish was completely melted like hot tar. I took the leftover bowl and debris to the snow.

Such a small dish. Such a big amount of smoke!

Such a small dish. Such a big amount of smoke!

Getting a new microwave is not an option right now so we have gone old school and are using the stove more than ever. Reheating leftovers in the oven is a lost skill. When my coffee gets cold before it’s finished, I either warm it up with a pour from the pot or drink it as is. We even found ourselves making the popcorn old school because we had become so used to quick microwave popcorn.

It’s not a tragedy; it kinda fun. It’s also good the house is in tact, though the smell is taking a while to leave.

It’s also a good reminder of how easy some parts of life are.

It’s not a big deal. It’s just a little adversity. How we handle it is the real character definer.

We still have a house, food, each other, a purpose, a ministry, and a God who is faithful.

So I can’t heat up a little leftover pizza. I can make an open fire or just heat it up over the so-called microwave safe dish that’s still smoldering. 🙂

What’s your best microwave mishap story?

God is good,


11 thoughts on “Goodbye Microwave

  1. My mom put a frozen cabbage roll in the microwave for 20 minutes on a styrofoam plate. The flames were quite lovely.

  2. Our Microwave died when smoke from burning popcorn must have killed it. We have been without one from July and you know what we learned…YOU CAN LIVE WITHOUT.

    It also makes us think ahead about what we are cooking and no more fast cooked packaged foods.

  3. It happened at a youth event you were also at. You know those foamy stress balls? The ones people squish to get rid of frustration? Yeah, they should not be left alone with Jr. High boys in the same room. Apparently they don’t take on heat very well. Oh, and the smell is worse than a gaggle of jr high boys gym socks.

    Thanks for the reminder today!

  4. Ironically, our mishap happened with the same timing error, only with a baked potato. I think that might be how they make charcoal briquettes! And yep, the smell lingered for days….

  5. My niece liked playing with the microwave when she was younger. There was one time she put her sister’s Nintendo DS in our microwave and then proceeded to push buttons and accidentally started the microwave. Needless to say that a DS is not microwave safe and will set the microwave on fire.

  6. I used to freeze Capri Sun pouches so that when lunch time came they would still be cold. What I didn’t realize was that I couldn’t microwave them for instant gratification! Aluminum pouches in the microwave for 30 seconds – neon sparks and scary sound effects! I stared and cried, I was sure I was a goner!!

  7. Yup, my daughter did the same thing with microwave mac and cheese…. try boiling vinegar water on the stove, helps a lot with the smell and the vinegar smell dissipates pretty quickly.

  8. In high school I worked as a hospital cook. We had microwaves on each floor to reheat food for patients. A nurse put an IV bottle in one of the units to warm it up. She forgot about the metal color and the explosion blew the door off the microwave. Luckily no one except pride was hurt. The head of nursing posted a picture of the wrecked unit and warning note by all the microwaves in the building. Oops.

  9. I have two:
    1. A high school youth friend set off the fire alarm of our megachurch during the week’s busiest service with some popcorn overcooked in the youth room. Yes, there were firetrucks. No, we were never allowed to eat popcorn at youth events again.

    2. During move-in my freshman year of college, an upperclassman from down the hall asked to use my microwave. I said sure and went back to the gumball machine I was building. I looked up a few seconds later and saw sparks in my brand new microwave.
    Me: You can’t microwave metal.
    Her: It’s not metal; it’s aluminum.
    Me: It’s sparking. Take it out.
    Her: Do you think it’s still safe to eat?

  10. I was hungry at about midnight and decided to put a package of Michalena’s
    in to cook in the microwave. Some time later I woke to all my neighbors knocking at my door asking if something was burning. I of course said “no” and went back to sleep. In the morning I again had a bunch of neighbors at my door. After I got them to leave I opened the microwave and found a charred dish of spaghetti and a very dirty and stinky microwave. It took about a week to get the smell out of my apartment, but the microwave still worked!! No smoke alarms or anything just smelled to high heaven. I don’t cook at midnight anymore.

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