Goodbye, Camera

It’s not exactly how I wanted to begin my experience in India but it’s what happened. At the end of our first full day visiting a Compassion project, where Sherri, Taylor, and I met a child we will begin sponsoring, I lost the camera that I had a plan for. We searched everywhere, multiple times in each place.  It really bummed me out. Since Sherri and Taylor are here with me, I wanted to capture everything I could. Fortunately God made the church and surrounded me with other camera-carrying folks who have been more than willing to step in and take pictures for us and even give us pics they have taken.

Taylor and I with the cows of India

For this I am thankful. Is it ideal? No, but when you have no pictures, you are even more thankful for whatever you can get. I think the rest of the group is tired of me saying thanks.

That’s my first word to describe our time here.


This is everywhere

These people are not picky, selective, asking for something different if what is given to them is not exactly what they had in mind. They receive whatever they are given with joy, tears, smiles that span the borders of India.


Because they have nothing.

It’s overwhelming here in Kolata. Poverty like I’ve never seen it. It’s like a blanket over the whole city. I’m not sure how I will process it. Yet they are still so thankful.

I lost a camera. I’m glad for some friends’ pictures.

They’re losing hope. They are forever grateful for someone not to forget them.

More later,


3 thoughts on “Goodbye, Camera

  1. So cool ya went there! I’ve been thinking of one day joining the Peace Corp. But right now I don’t think I could do it. One day thou one day!

  2. Hey Peder it’s great your helping out in India and that makes me want to help out more. Thanks for the music at Behold. Your fellow follower of God, James Painter. Hope you find your camera too.

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