Expecting Help.

So Thursday was a hard day.  It was the day my daughter Allison’s pet rabbit Patches died.  We came home from downtown and right as I walked into the house Allison went to check on Patches where she found him lying in his cage barely breathing.  As soon as she called “Daddy, it’s Patches, Patches, Daddy, it’s Patches!!!”  The fear in her voice and cry for me to help was deeply hurt filled.  We grabbed Patches and hopped in the van racing to the vet, but 20 minutes later, Allison’s precious rabbit passed away.

It’s sad. It stinks. It’s hard to watch your daughter experience a loss like that for the first time.

Allison cried out for Dad because she knew Dad would come.  It’s a promise she knows I keep even though we never have to remind each other. She calls “Dad:” I respond.  It’s what dads do. It’s a commitment I never break.  That’s the second Sunday of Advent, plain and simple and yet so vital.  God has made promises and keeps them.  If we seek Him we will find Him. Promise.

He will never leave nor forsake us. Promise.

He claims us. Adopts us.  Promise.

This week, say out loud what God has promised and expect His truth to win.  Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, all expected God to keep His promises AND He did.

You can expect the same from God.

God is good all the time.

Peace and love,


4 thoughts on “Expecting Help.

  1. “He will never leave for foresake us. Promise.”
    I am very grateful for that promise. Very, very grateful.

    We lost our dog this summer, so Allison’s loss hits close to home. Tell her we made a bowl of brownie mix (without the eggs) and ate it raw. It doesn’t take away the pain but it is yummy. It’s our special treat reserved only for the very worst of days.


  2. Watching your child go through something painful can be so difficult as a parent. Your heart just aches for them and you are helpless to do anything except love them and be there for them. Makes me realize how much Mary must have suffered when she watched her son Jesus be beaten and die on the cross. I am grateful for God’s faithfulness to always be near and it seems he even draws closer (I don’t really believe his distance ever changes) when you are watching your children go through some very difficult times.

  3. Wonderful words. As a parent, we come when we are called. My youngest daughter called from college Sunday night and was struggling with some things. Told her I’d be there in and hr. and a half and we’d talk. I felt better and so did she after that. I prayed and asked God to give me the right words and he did. We all need to rely on his promises, trust His will for us and believe His word, just like generations before us. To God be all the GLORY, A-Men.

  4. I am sorry to hear about Patches and the pain your daughter is feeling. Our Father can (will) fix it all.

    Thank you for sharing, including your faith in Christ! I attended your concert at Faith Evangelical Free Church on Thursday. You and the entire band were a real treat that not only touched my heart, but the people around me. Don’t stop.

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