Anticipation: First Sunday of Advent

A couple of week ago I took Ethan to the new US Bank Stadium to watch our Minnesota Vikings play. Days before we went, we were pretty excited to see our favorite team play in what is considered one of the nicest NFL stadiums.

The anticipation was building!

You know the feeling.


It’s the feeling that something is going to happen! It has energy.

Then there’s the anticipation of your wedding day, marrying your best friend for a lifetime.

The expectation of children being born.

The anticipation in traveling halfway around the planet to hold your adopted children!

What if we started Advent like that?

Not just the Christmas is coming with gifts, food, concerts, programs, church, family, cards, etc.

Hear me, these things are great and definitely we are looking forward to them.

But what about the anticipation that God is going to move in a new way?

It’s like we talk about in worship team training—growing a worship culture where people find themselves in the church parking lot on a Sunday morning anticipating that God is going to do something in them or in their family that morning.

But it’s so much bigger than that!

Isaiah 25 and 26 are all about preparing and getting ready because of what God was going to do in the Messiah He would send AND the anticipation of the great things the Messiah would do!

They weren’t wishing; they were expecting it.

They were expecting God to show up.

He’s still doing just that.

Our great God is always making things new. He’s moving, loving, healing, restoring, creating.

This Advent will be no different.

Why not approach this year with anticipation?

Sure, you know the story. You know it’s a great story with a great ending that actually becomes a new beginning.

Expect God’s goodness and grace.

Your expecting doesn’t make it happen. It happens because God is just like that.

You may not know what it looks like but you can definitely have ANTICIPATION this Advent.


Because God is good.

What are you anticipating this year? I’d love to hear from you—either in the comments or in person during the Christmas Time Tour.

See you soon!


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