Am I Trying Too Hard?

Raising children is definitely a joy, challenge, adventure, ride, climb, decent, sequence of failures, victories, and moments wanting to hit the reset button. Yes, it is not for the faint of heart.

I like to go 110 miles an hour at some things. My approach to music, sports, worship, marriage, and family is like that sometimes. This image is kinda a sneak peak at my inner self in certain moments.


The thing is, when it comes to parenting, I approach with a high standard and high expectation. Not that every child has to be the best in the world at grades, music, sports, making their bed, playing cards. But things like honor, respect, truth, effort, grace, being loving, making something better are not blown off.

I’ve think lately though I have gotten out of hand. It’s like I nit-pick everything to the point where it’s all I’m focused on. As you can guess, my five children aren’t really wanting a whole lot to do with Dad or they’re asking if I suffered some type of head trauma.

Maybe I’m trying too hard…

I’m committed to be the best dad I can and I take the verse training them up in the way they should go to the deepest part of my heart. Yet you can water a garden too much or sand a piece of wood to get it smooth and before you know it there is no more wood left or at the very least it gets warped! (I don’t want to warp my kids :))

The other day I got an email from one of Taylor’s teachers, a new faculty member to his school. Here’s piece of what it said:

Taylor is doing really well! He is always attentive, eager to answer questions. He helps others and is doing well academically. I’m really proud of him. He is a joy to have in class. I can truly see the light of Christ in him, shining forth. From what I’ve seen, he has a positive influence on his classmates too. Thank you for all you’ve done in raising him to be a fine young man.

I’m embarrassed to say I hadn’t noticed lately. That note says everything that I’m hoping for in my crew.

If the Father God removed grace from His eyes I’m sure He would turn out like me lately: missing it. Yet He continues to remind us how proud He is of us and that we are His prized creation.

Maybe it’s time to take a moment and stop trying. Rather, I need to enjoy the fruit of the Holy Spirit moving in my family. I wonder if trying so hard comes from my own fear and trying to prevent the next fall or failure. If I continue to do that, I’m gonna miss seeing the garden grow and change.

If I miss that, it’s not worth the effort.

God is good all the time,


Family and The Elephant In The Room

“My family does ok.”
“We are so glad just to get through a day.”
“We all get along.”

All we ever hear about is how much work family is. Anything beyond survival is just a bonus.

While getting along is good, it’s not ultimately what God’s designed. He has so much more in mind for families.

Is family hard sometimes? Absolutely.

But is it just for survival and getting along? No way.

One of the challenges for a family can even be believing that family life can be fun and faith-filled rather than just a lot of work.

I think of it like the circus baby elephant. As soon as he’s born, he has a chain put on his foot. As he grows up, every day he has this chain on his foot keeping him captive.

Once the elephant becomes an adult, he could easily break the chain and be set free. But because he has only ever known the chain of captivity, he has no idea what he’s capable of!


That’s a lot of families. They have no idea what they are capable of in the kingdom of God because of some kind of chain they feel they can’t break!

Your family is made to break any chains keeping you from experiencing God’s destiny for you!

That’s what this year’s All In All Out Family Worship Tour is all about.

My daughter Allison and I want families to know and experience the blessing and adventure that God has created for them.

It’s not too late for your family!

God truly will take you “As Is” and start right now. Being bound by a chain of what life is like right now doesn’t meant you need to stay where you’re at!

The truth is: God is the only one who can take your “As Is” moment and turn it into something beautiful.

Go all in as a family seeking His Kingdom so you can discover the amazing adventure God is making in you and your family to go all out!

That’s what the concert is about. That’s what we believe family is about! That’s what we believe God’s Kingdom is all about!

Will Allison and I get to see you on the All In All Out Tour? Here’s hoping it’s a yes!

For concert information, head over to the tour page.