A Lighter Day

Emotional energy has been spent, that’s for sure.  After a couple of days of Compassion projects and riding in the Kolkata traffic (an unreal experience which brings my vow to never again complain about traffic in Minneapolis) we flew from Kolkata to Bhubaneswar to visit more projects. I also got to witness one of the most amazing reunions I have ever seen. That blog/vlog will be coming next but until then I give you a vlog on our day off visiting a local wildlife sanctuary and an old temple called Lions Tigers and Monkeys. Just a little fun.

Enjoy and stay tuned.


Goodbye, Camera

It’s not exactly how I wanted to begin my experience in India but it’s what happened. At the end of our first full day visiting a Compassion project, where Sherri, Taylor, and I met a child we will begin sponsoring, I lost the camera that I had a plan for. We searched everywhere, multiple times in each place.  It really bummed me out. Since Sherri and Taylor are here with me, I wanted to capture everything I could. Fortunately God made the church and surrounded me with other camera-carrying folks who have been more than willing to step in and take pictures for us and even give us pics they have taken.

Taylor and I with the cows of India

For this I am thankful. Is it ideal? No, but when you have no pictures, you are even more thankful for whatever you can get. I think the rest of the group is tired of me saying thanks.

That’s my first word to describe our time here.


This is everywhere

These people are not picky, selective, asking for something different if what is given to them is not exactly what they had in mind. They receive whatever they are given with joy, tears, smiles that span the borders of India.


Because they have nothing.

It’s overwhelming here in Kolata. Poverty like I’ve never seen it. It’s like a blanket over the whole city. I’m not sure how I will process it. Yet they are still so thankful.

I lost a camera. I’m glad for some friends’ pictures.

They’re losing hope. They are forever grateful for someone not to forget them.

More later,


Behold Worship

Ok, so first of all I am so sorry for this taking so long to write another blog. No excuse other than I will not try to let it happen again. I am writing this blog from about 38,000 feet above Missouri flying home from an amazing event called Behold. It’s a youth conference in Alabama with over 900 students and adults. I have been so honored to do this event a number of times. It is a weekend of worship that, to me, is a taste of heaven. The people of the South are so amazing and loving. I truly feel like family even though I don’t say my words correctly and I have no desire for grits and I like Auburn and Alabama (I can’t and WON’T choose). The Behold team is off the charts and have become so dear to me. Oh, how I love for the people of Behold.

You look great, Behold!

Every event I do is important to me but I think this weekend was in the perfect place on my calendar. In 12 hours from when I write this I get back on a plane to fly to India with my wife Sherri and my oldest son Taylor. We are traveling with a ministry that is so important to me called Compassion. We are going to see the ministry of Compassion and what they do to help release children from poverty.

The trip has stressed me a bit. Along with schedules, it’s hard on Sherri and the kids with all the planning involved and it’s hard on all of the wonderful families who take care of my kids while we are gone. It’s one thing for Daddy to be gone in the US but another to go half way around the world.

Yet at Behold we worshipped and sang out loud that “we are not orphans” and cried to God to “do what You want with me” and that to be able to “taste and see the Lord is good” is the best of all. It was church how I hope and desire it could be every day.

Behold, you bless me.

It was extra special because because the folks of Behold made it possible for me to bring the band.

Thank you Behold!

Oh it was fun!!! I am so blessed to play my music with the likes of Sara Renner, Tim Zhorne, Todd Anderson, Christian Ankrum, Todd Behrens, and the list goes on. You know who you are.

Hey, friends, here is the takeaway for you. Are you stressed? Overwhelmed? GO WORSHIP! Swim in the ocean of God’s goodness. Dive deep, swim, just float. Whatever! I did at Behold. It helps!

God is good all the time!